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Voices of RLOM – Finals Discussion

Welcome to our final Voices of RLOM where we sat down with the desk talent of the Gfinity Rocket League Oceanic Masters and get their perspective.

Last Sunday was the Finals where some incredible matches saw us crown our Gfinity Rocket League Oceanic Masters Champions and representing teams for the Rocket League World Championship.  So what did our desk talent, James ‘JimNeso’ Cowan, Alex ‘Wolfey’ Foldi and David ‘yumi_cheeseman’ Lane think of the final day of play and our reps chances going into RLCS Finals.

Let’s talk about 1NE, we all loved seeing them make the finals. They had some great moments throughout the season and definitely showed improvements, but going into that top 4 spot certainly put the pressure on. What’s your thoughts?

JimNeso: It was a very tough day for them, they were a clear 4th out of the 4 teams that were there on Sunday. They didn’t really challenge the top contenders, even Out of Order who at the time was considered next in line made fairly light work of them. 1NE can take positives out of the fact that they got themselves into the top 4, they built on a game plan and a game style and they now can start making and creating more gears for themselves to go through.

They should start looking at a different array of game styles so they have some diversity when their current game style isn’t quite working enough. With a bit of work in the off season they can certainly come into next season looking strong for the top 4 again because I saw a lot of great attributes in the team that makes them quite a threat. delusion, particularly in the finals, played really well and frenzyy was also a positive force going forward, while change was just super consistent during the season but didn’t really have the best of days in the finals but that’s it with the nature of finals, you gotta play your best on the day.

Wolfey: For 1NE, you’re right in saying they’re a clear 4th but it sounds like a harsh statement to make because being 4th in the entire region is a fantastic place to be. While yes they were outclassed by the other teams on Sunday, in all honestly if they apply themselves in the off season we could be seeing them at 3rd or even 2nd just as we saw from Out Of Order. Individually they are incredibly skilled, they made some incredible plays over the entire course of the season and I think that change, Frenzyy and delusion have a long way to go in the future.

yumi_cheeseman: Yeah these guys, I’ve always cheered for them because they were one of the teams that stuck together, change and Frenzyy stuck together, put in the work, got a strong third in delusion and they made it to the top 4. Now they didn’t have high expectations for themselves and they were hoping that would help eliminate their nerves but we certainly saw the nerves kick in with change and Frenzyy who had their first ever go at the finals. Unfortunately for them they couldn’t play their best and I’m not sure if their best would have even been good enough to face the titans, the big three teams that were so close together on Sunday.

I do hope they stick together, they can do a lot more and I wouldn’t say build a lot of play styles but find a play style that is good enough to challenge the top because having change be back and his two teammates be really aggressive is good enough to get you a 4th place but without having three people in the rotation, you’ll never have the ability to take the top 2, it’s just not efficient enough as a playstyle to challenge the tippity top teams.

STATS CHECK: delusion lead the finals in score p/g (468.33) and lead in saves p/g (2.89). Frenzyy came 2nd in the finals for score p/g (429.56), 3rd in assists p/g (0.67) and 3rd in saves p/g (1.89).

This is a hard one to discuss as no one likes to see a championship team bow out,  a team that everyone expected to be in that top 2 by the end. So what did happen in the finals for ICON?

JimNeso: Honestly for ICON, I feel for them, I felt as though running into the finals they were definitely in top contention and to see them bow out without world championship representation is obviously a huge shock. Certainly no-one on any desk segment predicted that they wouldn’t be the ones to step onto the world stage. They are a super strong team and it just wasn’t clicking for them when it mattered. There was moments where, CJCJ played out of his mind, he was stepping up and the thing with Rocket League is as you’ve said many times David is you need all three players to be on that same level for the team to fulfil its potential and that just wasn’t the case with ICON.

Shadey had a very quiet performance, express was making some key mistakes and even CJCJ wasn’t faultless despite the fact that he was playing so well going forward. For this team its about resetting and refocusing on the next world championships because there’s no doubt about their ability to bring it back next season.

Wolfey: It’s very fair to be disappointed with the result on the weekend because they were one of the favoured teams, if not THE favoured team, to make it to the world stage. Now having a bitter defeat is tough but they do need to take it on the chin because not only are they fantastic players but they can honestly improve as a team and as individuals for the future. Right now that means while these other teams are going overseas they can take the time to work on their own play and work on their mental game for the next season.  They know they play a lot better against the better teams but they need to work out how to handle the teams who don’t play a similar-esque style to the aggressive teams.

yumi_cheeseman: It doesn’t get worse than the losses that ICON took today, there’s never been a harder day of Rocket League since Sand Castle in RLCS season 3 quals where they went to game 7 overtime in the upper bracket, lost and then lost in the lower bracket in game 7 as well. And I’d say that this ones even worse, getting reverse swept and then game 7 overtime in the lower bracket is just absolutely devastating. I really feel for the guys but unfortunately they didn’t perform.

When it came to ICON, they were trying to ramp up with this new playstyle and the playstyle was meant to be easier to execute than their hyper aggressive playstyle that they used to have. I think if you can’t perform on the day and if you are nervous then it’s gonna be tough to see a new playstyle through and we saw that. I think we saw some nerves from express, from shadey and even a touch from CJCJ. I don’t know if it was nerves but he was certainly struggling early on in the day and that was a real detriment to the team.

They still have confirmed opportunities at overseas tournaments where they should take this playstyle and see how it works against those international teams, prove themselves. I’m at least glad that while we won’t see them in the world championship, we will still get to see them on an international stage.

STATS CHECK: CJCJ tied 1st in the finals for goals scored (20), 2nd for goals scored p/g (0.95), 1st for shots taken (69) and shots p/g (3.29).

What an incredible day it was for Out Of Order fans, so many games taken to the absolute limit and then an amazing victory at the end. They are one of our two RLCS OCE representatives!

JimNeso: Honestly, their best performances of their entire team history came together that day. They were playing really well, from bouncing back from the match one loss to ICON in game 7, to then taking ICON down in another game 7 when they were right on a precipice of being absolutely blown out of the water.

They managed to rally themselves throughout the day, it was a close loss that sent them to the lower bracket and close defeats can be the toughest to bounce back from in any series. They managed to make their run through the lower bracket, took down 1NE and then managed to knock out ICON to get that world championship qualification.  I imagine now they’ve come down from the emotion of having qualified they have realised that there is a mountain of work ahead of them in terms of preparing themselves for that world stage and they have less than a month now to prepare. For them it’s about getting as much crammed in to these next 4 weeks as possible, I’m glad to have watched them go from strength to strength across the course of the season but it is a mountain that still lays ahead of them.

Wolfey: I hope they honestly spent the last week just basking in their qualification because they deserve this, right now, they deserve everything that comes their way from this and they should take this energy towards not only being the best players they can possibly be but also the best team that they can be. They’re in a place with their game right now where they can still have fun, have a laugh, and while definitely looking towards the international stage, they can approach it all as a learning because a lot of these players will be facing their first international. Congrats and good luck!

yumi_cheeseman: Sunday was certainly a solid performance for Out Of Order. Obviously game 7 overtime versus ICON, you saw just how nervous they were and yet they still clutched it out over the top of some of the biggest names in the oceanic region, against ICON, they got there in an incredible series and they put on a massive show but as wolfey said its their first ever international experience. It’s not about preparing for the international experience, it’s about going over there and getting that experience and bringing it back home. Now I hope that they get the chance to bootcamp before new jersey, that they do get an org that can pay for a couple of weeks for them to get international scrims, to get a trip across maybe to Valencia afterwards to play in dreamhack and get a tonne of experience and really up their game that way because realistically you know, they practice everyday, they put in the work everyday here in OCE but the type of competition you get here is just not the same as the level of competition you have at worlds. They’re gonna be shocked, they’re gonna be surprised, at least decka and siki are. They’re gonna be nervous on the world stage in front of thousands and thousands and thousands in the crowd. They just have to go over, enjoy their experience, do the best they can and be happy that they get to represent OCE.

STATS CHECK: Out of Order lead the finals in score (26511), goals scored (47), assists (39), saves (111) and shots taken (192).

Siki came 3rd in the finals for score p/g (418.08), lead in assists p/g (0.92), 2nd in saves p/g (2.12) and 3rd in shots p/g (2.68). Decka came 3rd in the finals for goals scored p/g (0.8).

Last but certainly not least, our Oceanic Masters’ Champions – Renegades! What a season they’ve had, some ups and down, a organisational change mid-league and now they’re going into the world championships as the number 1 seed for the region.

JimNeso: I think Renegades finally found validation, vindication. They came through at the start of the season with a few question marks over ZeN. I think this has been a huge talking point and I hate to harp on about it again but he stood up and delivered when the team needed him to. Wasn’t a world breaking performance from him at all times but he did what he needed to for the team. That’s credit to his development as a player. He’s been on a meteoric rise to the top and for him it’s a full force ride with no seatbelts so he’s gonna feel every emotion.  I’m glad that now he gets to experience his first world championships as well. I mean a year ago he was only just breaking into teams like Avant and a year later now he’s at the world championships with Renegades, I think that’s a huge testament to his ability.

The whole team are solid players, they’ve got good heads on their shoulders and I think moving forward to the world championships they just have to remember to enjoy it, it’s a huge experienced for them. They continue to gather experience through Torsos who has been there countless times now, it honestly feels like he’s been there from the beginning, and now kami who had an awesome world championships last season. From ZeN’s perspective he gets to just soak it all in, it’s his first world championships. Just gonna say it, don’t lose sight of the fact you got a lot of work to do but definitely enjoy it

Wolfey: Well if there was ever a time to step it up with 2 reverse sweeps to make it into not only the world championship but to first place as well, that was it. Renegades have improved over the course of the season despite a lot going on for them, the biggest being their transition from Chiefs to Renegades . As individual players they have nothing but positives to go off from now on and they will have high expectations going into the overseas world championship, but again honestly they should be all smiles right now, they should be absolutely loving it. For these guys as well there’s a much bigger expectation on them and they need to be careful not to take it too hard if they don’t meet or live up to those expectations once there – as I’m sure they know, the world stage is a whole other arena.

yumi_cheeseman: Today we saw Renegades bring it back constantly and that shows real mental fortitude, a real ability to stay in the game but we also some terrible play at the start of each series. Literally garbage gameplay throughout the day and they will not be happy with their performances, they wont have enjoyed the fact that they couldn’t hit the ball or put the ball on the net for 3 games. At the world championship, they don’t have 3 games, they have 2, it’s gonna be a best of 5 so at the start so they can’t wait to bring it back.

When Renegades had Drippay on the team this was meant to be the season that they won the world championship but then Drippay left out of the blue to go and live his dreams in North America, props to him on proving himself overseas. Now of course with ZeN they’re not gonna have huge expectations, maybe they’ll try and get that 4th place repeat which will be a spectacular showing but they’ve already achieved everything they’ve wanted to and more. They made history by getting under Renegades and they’re big CS:GO fans of the Renegades already so this really was a personal win for them not just as players but fans. They get the chance to go over to Detroit and bootcamp there for a while before the world championship, they get the chance to go to attend other major events, basically they get to do everything they’ve ever wanted and get all this experience.

It’s gonna be ZeN’s first world championship and I don’t think the team has extreme expectations but ZeN has certainly has proven that he can perform, he’s answered every question that everyone had and honestly that’s difficult, he’s on the hardest team to be on in OCE. There is no harsher team in expectation, there are no harsher teammates then Torsos who will be absolutely brutally honest and point out every mistake and yet there’s no team that will forge a better player as well, he’s certainly stepped up to the expectations. It’s been good to see when Torsos doesn’t have his MVP level performance that ZeN and Kamii could step up and that when Kamii wasn’t having his crazy performance like he did against 1NE that ZeN and Torsos will step up. I don’t think on Sunday there was ever a point in time where we had all 3 players fired up and if we do at the world championship, that is when they could make an incredible run but at the moment all their dreams have come true, they’ve all gone full time with this and they can now work towards a new dream goal – to win the world championship and be the best team in Rocket League.  I’m excited to see what they can do.

STATS CHECK: Renegades lead the finals in shot percentage (29.95%). ZeN lead the finals in goals scored p/g (1.06). Torsos came 2nd in the finals in assists p/g (0.71) and 2nd for shots p/g (2.76)

Final Word from the Gfinity Team

From all of us at Gfinity Esports Australia, we want to say thank you for joining us for our first season as the official OCE league for RLCS.  It’s been an incredible six weeks and we’ve loved every second of it. We can’t wait to join the fans in watching, Renegades and Out Of Order, compete on the world stage.

Thank you to Psyonix and our sponsor Dare Iced Coffee, thank you to our amazing talent and production teams, and biggest thanks of all to you – the fans!

Until next time, you can stay in touch with everything Gfinity AU related via our Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Mixer and YouTube