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Voices of RLOM – Week 2 Discussion

Welcome to the Voices of RLOM where each week we sit down with the desk talent of the Gfinity Rocket League Oceanic Masters and get their perspective on how the series is progressing.

It’s Week 2 of the Gfinity Rocket League Oceanic Masters league play and the standings are starting to showcase the skill divides. So what did our desk talent, James ‘JimNeso’ Cowan, Alex ‘Wolfey’ Foldi and Jake Edwards think of Week 2’s matches and how our teams fared? Read on below to find out.

It was a short and sweet day of League Play on Sunday with only four matches in total. We started off with Chiefs vs 1NE. Now we haven’t seen a lot of Chiefs yet as they had only one match in Week 1, do you think they showcased their strengths this week?

JimNeso: This week, Chiefs weren’t really put through their paces whatsoever. They seemed to have a pretty easy run versus EDGE and it gave them the opportunity to lock in another point on the board

Wolfey: Agreed, as you said they weren’t tested, but they did play really well and are showcasing signs that when they have to versus the top teams like ICON they’re in good form to bring out a winning performance.

Jake: I was impressed by Chiefs attack, they put up a nice offensive with consistent passing. I do think 1NE showed some strengths in defending but didn’t put up the offense to test the Chiefs. Maybe ICON is the team that will be able to push that but very impressed by Chiefs so far.

STATS CHECK: Chiefs are leading the league with 4.33 Goals per Game while having only played 6 games in total. A strong shooting percentage of 38.81% has contributed to their success in front of the net.

On to 1NE, they are in a precarious spot sitting in that converted 4th position after week one’s 1-1 result. Do you think after having to face Chiefs in week two, which for any team is going to be a hard match to conquer, they’re going to have the fire to maintain their spot it the top 4?

JimNeso: Look it was a very tough run for 1NE in week 2, they were impressive in week one but it’s a completely different ball game when you’re up against the Chiefs. ICON are traditionally slow starters so 1NE certainly capitalised on that but Chiefs this week were warmed up and ready.  From 1NE’s perspective I think they’ll be looking dangerous in future weeks as they really want to lock that 4th slot. I’ll be interested to see how they approach future matches with that target on their back.

Wolfey: I think one 1NE are really strong contenders for 3rd or 4th spot but when you look at Chiefs and ICON there’s a significant cap between the top two compared to the rest of the competition so they need to focus right now on holding to their top 4 position while learning from the leaders.

Jake: I definitely agree, I think 1NE need pick up some traits that Chiefs and ICON have. I think their passing isn’t nearly as clinical or as consistent as the top teams and the speed is a lot slower. I like the direction that they’re heading as they are a newer team but this week definitely showed a gap between the top two and the rest of the pack.

STATS CHECK: Whilst 1NE did not get very many opportunities to score against Chiefs, as a team they still have the highest shot conversion percentage in the league at 44.44%.

Match two was one of our leading teams, Justice Esports versing Emprox. Now Justice had a decent performance in week one though it was commented that last week’s success revolved around SSteve. Did you feel that was the same this week?

JimNeso: I felt that this week was a much stronger performance from Justice. They were up to the task and showed marked improvements in their passing game. We saw more from SSteve and yeatzy also ramped it up. I do think if they continue ramping up their performance they could put up the fight to hold 2nd position. Week 3 will be really key for them as they come up against ICON.

Wolfey: I was very impressed with how yeatzy and misty played. I think SSteve played his classical form of doing what he wants to do but I think yeatzy and misty definitely stepped up this week and it hints towards just how much improvement this team could achieve over the coming weeks.

Jake: It was pretty awesome watching how aggressive yeatzy was and misty was high on assists, so I think they’re looking like a serious team and definitely the best contender to compete with ICON and Chiefs

STATS CHECK: Yeatzy had a bumper week in front of net, converting 66.67% of his shots into goals and put in 1.5 Goals per Game for Justice Esports.

Emprox got called out last week for a lack of preparation and this week they were up against Justice so definitely put to the test to see if they had marked improvements. Did they prepare well for this week or is more required?

JimNeso: Emprox were simply outclassed by Justice this week and it showed. They did display that same potential we saw last week that if they put more time and dedication into practice and scrimming they could be dangerous players to contend with. I don’t know if they have their mix right within the team. Spydoge was very all over the place, back and forth between defending or attacking. I didn’t see much out of Le Duck or Eli but I think those guys would definitely benefit from more time against the better teams which they will get out of this league. They haven’t yet shown themselves to be more than the team that scraped in through qualification.

Wolfey: I don’t know how to feel about Emprox, they definitely come across as one of the weaker teams in the competition but they also could also quite easily surprise us with some interesting gameplay and upset defeats. It remains to be seen but time is against them.

Jake: I really like the potential of Spydoge, he’s really come out of nowhere and reminds me of previous up and coming players like Kamii. I don’t know about their team overall however, their offensive seems strong and quick but it’s hard to follow up on the hype of their qualification and the performance they’re bringing here is not yet top tier.

STATS CHECK: At least 53% of the time in each game Emprox played, the ball was in their side of the field with 15 saves across all four games and only 21 shots.

ICON are a lock-in expectation to be in the finals of League Play and certainly pinned to make top 2. We saw a different play style out of ICON last week which was a little scrappy but still achieved results, did they change it up again this week or did they smooth out those edges (pun intended)?

JimNeso: ICON again for me seemed very much in their comfort zone, they played the game they wanted to play from start to finish. They ended up spending a lot of time trying to bump edge off in classic fashion but never appeared to be on the back foot at all. In future weeks they will get their mettle tested and I’m excited for the Justice match.

Wolfey: The biggest competition in the league is obviously the Chiefs but ICON need to not lose sight of the rest of the competition as there is a lot of chance for upset defeat, even if it is small odds. They need to treat every game seriously and if they continue their fine form they’ll be smashing it.

Jake: ICON’s style seems a lot more solid now. They are definitely relying less on over commitment and as a result are getting punished less. They’re looking to cement themselves as one of the top two and Justice should be a good test of that next week.

STATS CHECK: ICON recorded the highest shot percentage in a league play match yet with 53.85% making 14 goals from 26 shots across their three games with both Shadey and CJCJ making 6 goals from 11 shots in their match.

Out Of Order had an emotional week one, with a close defeat to ICON in their first match that saw them off balance for the rest of the day. Did week two look more like the OOO we were expecting going into League Play?

JimNeso: OOO bounced back quite nicely this week but they were certainly put through their paces by Team Esper. For both those teams it was really back and forth. We saw with OOO when they’re running hot they’re amazing but soon as they’re under too much pressure they start to come apart at the seams largely due to their emotional investment. If they can control this in the coming weeks we should see them move up the standings but right now it could go either way.

Wolfey: In all honesty I don’t know how to feel about them, my head says they won’t do well but my heart says they’re going to do a lot better. I feel as though they could very well outperform a lot of the competition but it could swing on a dime. I have high hopes for them and I want them to do well but I just don’t know if they can bring it.

Jake: OOO had a very promising off season and they looked solid, but that form hasn’t come out in League Play yet and they seem flat footed. So I’m hoping to see a bit more of a spark getting ignited in them as they really need to step it up to dominate the competition if they plan to make the top 4

STATS CHECK: OOO were on the attack throughout most of their match, allowing Esper to spend less than 17% of their time in their offensive third in 4/5 of their games. OOO had 44 shots on net in total across their 5 games, tying 2nd for most amount of shots in a match by a team in league play so far.

Confidence seemed shaky from Team Esper in last week’s match, and the synergy between the team members was off centre. Despite a defeat, did they bring it back this week to show they aren’t down and out?

JimNeso: Team Esper this week were a surprise package. From week one to now, they’ve worked on a few things but I think in that game against OOO they had chances that they just didn’t capitalise on. I feel overall their performance is heavily dictated by Outlast whether he’s going solo or looking for the passing plays. It seemed hinged on him and if he can trust his teammates to their job to defend and lock things up they can do some real damage. Soon as Outlast loses trust he tracks further back and they don’t have that attacking outlet.

Wolfey: I don’t think of Outlast as an attacker more of a passer but he does so many 1v1 style things like his musty flick today which was a really good play. He has the ability to be really scary in attack but with his passing working in their favour, he needs continue to do what he’s doing if his team is going to excel.

STATS CHECK: Esper had 27 saves in total across their 5 games with Daisu leading the team in saves and shooting percentage with 12 and 28.57% respectively.


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