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Voices of RLOM – Week 3 Discussion

[Editor’s Note: Since this article was recorded, it was announced the Chiefs line-up is now with Renegades. This will be accurately reflected in future Voices of RLOM]

Welcome to the Voices of RLOM where each week we sit down with the desk talent of the Gfinity Rocket League Oceanic Masters and get their perspective on how the series is progressing.

It’s Week 3 of the Gfinity Rocket League Oceanic Masters league play, the mid-way point and we see a hot contention for 3rd and 4th  So what did our desk talent, James ‘JimNeso’ Cowan, Alex ‘Wolfey’ Foldi and David ‘yumi_cheeseman’ Lane think of Week 3’s matches and how our teams fared? Read on below to find out.

We’re half way through league play and then the finals to determine who will be our OCE Master’s Champions. With the pressure mounting, did week three see nerves crack? Out of Order is a team that has stumbled under pressure previously but today they claimed victory vs EDGE. What changed for them?

JimNeso: I think for them it was about finding consistency. They still need a few game wins to secure themselves in the top 4, 1NE’s patient game style currently cementing them in that coveted fourth position for now. If OOO can keep that consistency in the next two weeks, they could sneak themselves into the top four but their current performance is far from what we expected of them going into this season.

yumi_cheeseman: The nice thing for OOO is that Chiefs’ performance today proved that Chiefs’ is beatable. I think prior to today OOO may have written off that match as an expected loss. They do have a chance to get five wins on the board and get into the top 4, but it’s going into a tie breaker that will be difficult. Losing a game to, and going into game 5 against, EDGE would have affected them badly. They must get either those 3-0 or the 5 wins and right now they’re not playing well enough to claim either.

Wolfey: I think OOO played as best they could’ve, I don’t see it working as well as it should against the top teams. We’ve seen julz and decka not being on enough, one of the two is often missing and if they want to get those wins, they need to be working all together. I think the pressure is really getting to them and the more they keep dropping games the pressure will just increase, it’s a vicious cycle.

STATS CHECK: Out of Order had 46 shots on net compared to 26 from Edge. Across both teams decka lead in shot percentage with 57.14%, siki lead in score with a 602 average per game and shot average of 5.25 per game while julz lead in assists with an average of 2 per game.

Out of Order are currently third in the league for most goals scored (40) behind ICON (43) and Chiefs (54).

There has been improvements from EDGE this week though certainly an uphill battle. With the points still showing they can make top 4, is it a realistic achievement or is the focus for the rest of the series to improve their gameplay with sights now at future seasons?

JimNeso: EDGE have shown a lot of growth throughout the season, unfortunately it’s not going to be a season of high points for them. We’ll be looking for them week on week to put up a showing of improvement and solid performances. I think Riv is really starting to find more comfort in this line up, he’s looking a lot less jumpy. Addzey and Bango, it was good to see them find some consistency and form this week. It wasn’t enough to get them a win against Out of Order this time around, but they still got the victory vs Emprox which is great to see for them.

yumi_cheeseman: EDGE are technically still able to get the 4 wins to enter that potential tie breaker we’re looking at. They lost 3 nil twice, they let in ten billion goals over three weeks now, I see it as impossible for them to make top 4 unless they 3 – 0 their remaining games which just isn’t going to happen. Despite that, I have loved to see all the growth. I think Riv is going to be a future superstar, not because he’s pulled off anything super impressive this series with Bango and Addzey but looking at the way he plays, he’s got really good fundamentals in terms of getting around the pitch incredibly fast, being in the right place and the right time to keep the ball moving with the best momentum. I think with this experience, next season we should see Riv break into the top ranks.

Wofley: I agree, Riv is the standout player from EDGE. They should all take this experience and continue building on the good fundamentals they have and apply improvements. Bango has done a lot of solo stuff in the past but we’re now seeing him flourish as a team player. Coming of age for all the players on the roster.

STATS CHECK: Riv had a 50% shot percentage overall against Emprox with 5 goals from 10 shots and a 41.67% against OOO with 5 goals from 12 shots.

A tough week for Emprox with two defeats but they did take it a decider versus EDGE. What are the highlights for you from the team in Week 3 and what do they need to focus on moving forward in these remaining weeks?

JimNeso: There’s some positive signs for SPYDOGE, I think he’s going to be a good prospect but not right now in terms of the way that the team is structured. They haven’t really shown development week on week as a team, the lack of team structure is letting them down. In the Chiefs series they were fast out of the gate but even with Chiefs making a lot of mistakes they didn’t have the structure and communication to successfully capitalise on the opportunities.

yumi_cheeseman: The series against Chiefs is most telling because Chiefs were not playing well, ZeN was not on his game and yet Emprox failed to take advantage of that simply based on their defence. I’ve gone on about it the last 2 weeks, they struggle on defence. Their attack is mostly fine, they have the ability to pass and get it up, but they just haven’t worked together enough as a team in scrims to build a solid foundation.

Wolfey: Emprox do have a chance of picking up their game and showing improvements next week. They have an interesting style of gameplay, but they really need to pick up their pace of play, tighten up their passing and work on team, versus individual, results.

STATS CHECK: Emprox were in their defensive third 50.83% of the time compared to EDGE’s 43.74%,  and 56.01%  of the time against Chiefs’ 42.52%.

Chiefs are undefeated and taken the lead on the standings but it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing. There was some rocky showing in their Emprox match, but the bigger surprise came from the Team Esper match who managed to take it a game five decider. What happened?

JimNeso: It was clear today that Chiefs were definitely not at their best, but they still managed to come away with wins. The fact that they were able to claim victory despite having an off day, speaks to their strength as a top team in the region. When you want to win a league you still need to be able to produce results even when you’re having an off day. The focus now will be to ensure that stumbled performance doesn’t happen become a consistency as they approach the finals.

yumi_cheeseman: The problem Chiefs will face now is that they’ve just had their four easiest match-ups and have shown that they can be defeated. I think while their performances in the first two were great, we need to remember this is a new team and so bad days can be expected. What did impress me was the fact that they were able to come back in that Team Esper series, they were able to get past the blockages that were holding them back and as a team cleanly finish off the last two games.

Wolfey: You can look at it objectively, they are 4-0, they do have their toughest match-up against ICON to come but it’s just going to be fight for first or second going into the finals. I really think for the Chiefs the focus is now finals week and ensuring they are focused on what’s at stake. A bad day there and they could lose it all. After today, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an upset defeat and perhaps even one that could see Chiefs lose that RLCS return.

STATS CHECK: Chiefs had a 50% shot percentage and averaged 4.67 goals in their 3 – 0 match series against Emprox. Against Esper they had only a 28% shot percentage with an average of 1.8 goals.

Chiefs currently lead the league in game differential 10, game win percentage 0.86%, goals for 54 and goal differential, 31.

What a week for Team Esper, despite suffering two defeats they certainly took the viewers by surprise when they claimed two games off Chiefs. How much of that was Team Esper versus Chiefs having an off day? Was it the bitter defeat that put Esper on the backfoot in their match against 1NE?

JimNeso: Team Esper this week were a real live wire; they took some chances in their Chiefs match and it was interesting viewing the contrast of how the two teams played. Unfortunately for Esper that early match lead really faded out once Chiefs started to clamp down on their mistakes and facing that pressure Esper missed opportunities to close off the match. Coming into the 1NE game, they had run out of steam altogether, they were a shadow of the team they were against the Chiefs. They never managed to recovery which I feel speaks to difficulties in controlling the team’s emotional state.

yumi_cheeseman: With Esper taking Chiefs to a game five, they really came across with the quality plays we saw earlier in the series when they took Out of Order to a game 5 overtime. Unfortunately, on the other side of things they’ve lost two of their matches now 3-0 and being 4 series down, that’s basically their season over. It’s a real shame for a team that felt like they could be really close to that top 4, but this will set them up to reach that next level as team on going.

Wolfey: Esper have a playstyle where they tend to mirror their opponents so when they play a stronger team they play well and when they play against a worse team, they play worse. That’s kind hard when you’re in a competition where every win is vital to get to the top four and you need to consistently be better than your opposition instead of mirroring their level of play. For Esper they need to find out a way to play their own game and then adapt it to handle their opponent’s strengths and weakness as required.

STATS CHECK: Esper averaged 6 saves a game in their series against Chiefs, keeping their opponents shot average to just 10 a game with a 28% shot percentage overall, their lowest throughout league play so far.

Short one for 1NE this week and it was an easy victory for them to hold onto that fourth spot in the standings for another Sunday. With the last weeks of league play ahead, how is the team performing and can they keep that finals qualification spot?

JimNeso: 1NE were just clinical today, they shut out Esper who looked to have run out of steam. I think 1NE’s players Frenzyy and delusioN are enjoying playing together because their passing is really starting to come into its own, they’re looking for each other constantly in the passing play, case in point was that delusioN roof shot which normally he’d go for solo but instead he puts it onto the nose of frenzy and they score. They didn’t look challenged today and I’m excited to see how they go next week.

yumi_cheeseman: I love watching Frenzyy and delusioN, they kinda look the same player on the field. The thing that edges out Frenzyy out ahead for me, especially considering he’s the rookie in the combo, is he’s just been so consistent and stable the entire series while still being able to pull off that crazy, aggressive, unpredictable plays that open up the net. DelusioN is doing a lot of work and change is adding that consistency to enabled the team to win each game by one goal, and a comfortable goal at that.

Wolfey: I think Frenzyy is a fantastic player and he really compliments delusioN, and 1NE have a very good chance of holding their ranking in the top 4. With another 3-0 to their name, even if 1NE find themselves in what appears to be a tiebreaker for fourth they are in a strong place results wise to go uncontested. I’m doubtful however in the finals week if they have an opportunity at compete for more than third place, ICON and Chiefs are just looking so strong.

STATS CHECK: Frenzyy had a 38.46% shot percentage, averaging a 483 score per game, 1.67 goals per game and 4.33 shots per game in the match against Esper, leading in each stat across both teams.

Justice Esports, here’s a team that has had some impressive showing in the series as a potential contender to the top 2. Unfortunately, they did go down to ICON today but still maintain their top 4 position so are likely to get another shot at them in the finals. Do Justice have what it takes?

JimNeso: Justice have been piecing together some really nice gameplay, they had ICON on the back foot early on in that match and for me Misty was the stand out player this week. I felt yeatzy struggled to get into the game but judging from past performances I still see him being the lynchpin in future weeks that will help elevate them into the top.

yumi_cheeseman: I felt Justice had a great day which was good considering last week they fell really short compared to expectations. Now we’re back to the Justice that we know and a Justice that should make it into the top 4. There are high expectations on them and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they can do across the rest of the season, whether they can clutch out the important matches. I think 1NE is their biggest competition right now alongside Out of Order so that OOO match in the last week will be their most important one.

Wolfey: I think Misty is definitely coming into his own. In my eyes, he’s playing a lot better than the previous weeks and that may be a result of better team cohesion. I’m just really looking forward to their performances in the final weeks, they can absolutely play top level Rocket League.

STATS CHECK: Justice kept ICON down to just 18.92% shot percentage for their match, the lowest for ICON in league play so far. Justice are third in the league for game differential (4) behind ICON (9) and Chiefs (10), they’re also third for game win percentage (63%) and with a goal differential of 10.

Everyone was keen to see how ICON would perform against Justice Esports who are a team on the rise and a potential threat to ICON’s top 2 position. There were a few moments in this match that didn’t reflect their usual performance but overall they’re looking strong for the finals. What are your thoughts?

JimNeso: ICON didn’t start as slowly as they have in previous weeks and Justice made a real game of it for them. I think it took some top draw performances from Express in front of net where he stepped up to deny Justice some clear-cut opportunities. Shadey for me wasn’t as prominent as he has been in previous weeks, he had a bit of a quiet one. CJCJ was the captain that stepped up for them today and ensured they came away with the win. I did feel they’ve got their focus set on finals and that may explain a few of the stumbles. This week cemented a finals position for them, it’s theirs to lose in that regard so we’ll see how they go come week 6.

yumi_cheeseman: With ICON’s new play style, Express is the one you should be expecting at the back and Shadey is now pushing more forward.  This week however Shadey was just a little bit off and a little bit off for him means that he was just missing.  He was going wide and that cost them a lot, they would put the first man in, set up the play, the second man would get past the defensive and if that third person didn’t go in then all of a sudden they were rushing back to defend and that, I would say, was most of the Justice goals. In my opinion, game one went to Justice Esports because ICON put so many shots on net and every single time Justice would be in the perfect place, they’d prejump somewhere and stop the goal, that’s like the most frustrating game to lose. It actually felt like Justice played better through the rest of match than they did in that first game, they were a little bit fortunate there.

Wolfey: The way that ICON play it’s very difficult for their opponents to do anything apart from trying to clear the ball back to them and then ICON work off that. I think that, especially when it comes to the ever-important ICON verse Chiefs match, that we’re going to see the match of the season with either side capable of securing the victory. ICON do have a significant improvement to make despite these wins, but they’re undoubtedly on that next level of competition.

STATS CHECK: CJCJ had a 31.25% shot percentage, averaged 414.75 score per game, 1.25 goals per game and 4 shots per game, leading in each across both teams in ICON’s match against Justice Esports. Express led in saves for ICON with an average of 1.75 per game and 7 total.

ICON are currently leading the league in goals conceded with just 19 goals scored against them in league play.


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