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Voices of RLOM – Week 4 Discussion

Welcome to the Voices of RLOM where each week we sit down with the desk talent of the Gfinity Rocket League Oceanic Masters and get their perspective on how the series is progressing.

Week 4 has past and we are well and truly on the way to knowing who our final teams will be. So what did our desk talent David ‘yumi_cheeseman’ Lane, Alex ‘Wolfey’ Foldi and Jake Edwards  think of Week 4’s matches and how our teams fared? Read on below to find out.

Another win to Justice Esports this week and they’re looking good for finals, potentially even top 2! Looking at the final week of League Play and finals beyond, how did Justice go?

yumi_cheeseman: A good performance from Justice though it was still a shaky one. We saw some misses coming out from yeatzy, and a slow start from Ssteve but by the end of the match I think that the performance they gave is the kind of one that can get them not only into the top 4 but also potentially into the top 2. If Ssteve continues playing like that and if yeatzy can pick up his game as well.

Jake: Yeatzy definitely struggled to get involved as well as you would hope. I don’t believe playing like they did, with yeatzy very far back, could compete with the highest teams but definitely when Ssteve is confident it really brings the whole team together. If they can tap into that form and consistently Justice Esports will be very scary in the final weeks.

Wolfey: Justice are looking better over the course of each individual week. This week was definitely shaky against a team like EDGE but I think that Justice tend to play better when they’re up against a stronger team.

STATS CHECK: SSteve lead his team in goals (4), assists (4) and shot percentage (50%) overall in their match against EDGE. Justice Esports are sitting just behind Renegades and 1NE Esports in game differential (6 to their 7) and game win percentage (65% to their 71% and 67% respectively).

It’s been an uphill battle for Team EDGE throughout the series but each week we are impressed with their improvements.  Finals contention seems a reach at this stage but what are your thoughts on the team’s performance?

yumi_cheeseman: Edge are unfortunately very much out for the count, with Justice Esports probably putting them to bed after the first match. I have been impressed by their improvement over the course of each week. I like to see a team that starts from the bottom and works their way up the standing and maybe still they can move at least into a 6th place showing in their final week.

Jake: They’re definitely getting better and better each week especially riv being the rookie of the team. Even though they lost 3-1 in the first match and 0-3 in the second, there are marked improvements each week. They’ve definitely been getting a lot better but they’ll need to work between seasons to get up to top 4 rankings.

Wolfey: I think riv is obviously the standout of that team but it is too little too late for this season. They need to take all of this as a lesson and utilise it to improve their speed, rotations and overall gameplay.

STATS CHECK: Bango averaged 1 goal, 3.25 shots and 1 save per game with a 30.77% shot percentage overall for their series against Justice Esports.

1NE must be on top of the moon right now after securing themselves third place going into the final week of League Play. Do they have what it takes to hold themselves in top 4 and perhaps even challenge the top 2?

yumi_cheeseman: 1NE have obviously had a really good start to the season taking down Out of Order 3-0 that set them up for the rest of League Play. They also 3-0’d Team Esper in Week 3. So with third 3-0 against EDGE and 3-1 result against Emprox, they are looking even better than Renegades in terms of a potential final seeding outcome. I think realistically they’re 100% guaranteed for finals and honestly they look very consistent, very strong. I don’t know if they are gonna take it against the top 2, that’s questionable, but I think they’ll at least gonna give it a solid shot.

Jake: 1NE really impressed me when it came to their structure and their consistency. They looked very solid and able to create consistent chances. However, at same time I am worried when they play against the teams that have a much faster pace and are solid on defence that they have the depth to compete at that level.

Wolfey: I think 1NE are looking good heading into the final week of league play but they do have to improve a lot to take on the top teams. I think they can do it if they focus hard on playing a lot faster and making sure that they’re actually setting up the plays instead of focusing on working off their opponents mistakes.

STATS CHECK: In their match against Emprox, 1NE averaged 4 goals, 3.5 assists, 5.75 saves and a 45.71% shot percentage overall. 1NE just trailing behind ICON and Renegades on game win percentage (67% to their 83% and 71% respectively) and goal differential (13 to their 33 and 22 respectively).

Emprox have had a rough season with no match victories to their name. There have been game victories spotted here and there but overall it just hasn’t come together. As we approach the end of League Play, what can they focus on?

yumi_cheeseman: Emprox are 100% down and out, they are at the bottom of the table. I just hate the fact that they just seemed to throw against EDGE last week, and they had opportunities this week to take wins and just couldn’t do it. I think they are really confident at certain points in the game but then when everything is on the line, when it’s getting close, that’s when they start to crumble.

Jake: I’ve loved Emprox’s attack when they feel confident and everything seems to line up for them but their defence really let them down all season, and again in Week 4. They just can’t seem to deal with a good offence that offers passes and variations, they just seemed lost.

Wolfey: I think for Emprox, similar to EDGE, they are down and out for the count and they need to take each individual game now as a time to learn and improve so they have a shot at coming back next season.

STATS CHECK: Emprox averaged 1.33 goals, 7.67 shots, 1.33 assists and 5.67 saves per game in their match against Esper.

Team Esper claimed their first victory over Emprox this week, but as with the latter, it does appear that this coming week is likely the end of their run. What’s your thoughts?

yumi_cheeseman: Team Esper took down Emprox in what was probably the wooden spoon match. We’ve touted them all season that they’ve had these opportunities, especially when they took Out of Order to game 5 overtime, that could have been the end of Out of Order’s run in that week and the start of Team Esper’s, but it didn’t happen. Then again they took Renegades to game 5 and just couldn’t close it. I think there’s a lot of review for this team to do at the end of the season.

Jake: Esper again showing so much individual talent and so much potential, their match against Emprox looked awesome but against a hot Icon it was just rough and honestly showed just how good Icon are right now.

Wolfey: Esper surprised me with a 3-0 victory. I think they have a lot of individual skill and they could work well in a team together. I just want to see them adapt their playstyle to meet their opponents or establish their own that outclasses their opponents. Right now it doesn’t look like this season will be the one for them but there’s potential for future progression.

STATS CHECK: Esper had a 29.41% shot percentage overall, 3.33 goals, 11.33 shots, 3 assists and 5.33 saves per game in their match against Emprox.

That brings us to ICON who had only one match today and it was over in the blink of the eye. How are they looking going into the final week of League Play and, undoubtedly, the finals?

yumi_cheeseman: That brings us to ICON who had a huge performance today, very solid looking. Their new play style looks to be in full effect, it puts a lot of pressure on, it reduces their need to be on form, and I think it is much easier to execute.  The way that they are playing in terms of stacking a side of the pitch, making sure they’re following up each other’s touch, maybe costs them a goal or two but they’re still making it work even in the attack which is probably the most impressive part.

Jake: I loved how ICON played today. They look like a top tier European team which is hard to do in OCE because you can get away with a lot less with the slower pace. Amazing performance from them this week, and I hope that it will be consistent because going internationally that is definitely competitive.

Wolfey: I think ICON played in full form today and they did so with dominating effect. As a team they’ve improved so much over the past year or so and they only have room to move up.

STATS CHECK: ICON averaged 3.67 goals, 9 shots, 3.33 assists and 2 saves with a 40.74% shot percentage overall in their match. ICON lead the league in game differential (12), game win percentage (83%) and goal differential (33).

Out Of Order pulled out what would have been a shock to a number of fans when they took down Renegades 3 – 0. They’ve been and team that’s rocked back and forth on results, what came together this week?

yumi_cheeseman: Out Of Order are the other team that felt like they’re just three players who are all on form for the day and that’s why they took out the match. Obviously their opponents were not bringing their full potential but this showing from Out of Order really displays why they are a potential top team. Why we keep flagging how when the chips are down they struggle because of the nerves but when they’re not too worried about results they can just execute anything.

Jake: Out of Order were very impressive as a team this week, they’ve struggled with consistency and they struggled to really nail their chances in the past few weeks but today they just looked so on point. They punished every chance renegades gave them so if they can bring that form into next week they will be looking very good to jump into top 4.

Wolfey: Out of Order definitely played well today and I think that they can bring the form next week.  They need to hold onto the confidence of this win and look towards getting some fantastic upsets in the last week of League Play.  That will be the challenge though. They need to not let it get to their heads and actually focus on improving over the course of this week so they’re balanced, focused and ready to repeat today’s results.

STATS CHECK: Julz lead both teams in shot percentage (71.43%) for their match, he also averaged 1.67 goals, 2.33 shots, 1 assist and 1 save per game. Out of Order kept Renegades to just 16.67% shot percentage overall, their lowest in league play.

And finally, Renegades. With a new organisation and a top 2 position, things certainly were looking great for the team going into Week 4, but that quickly shifted with a loss to Out of Order – their first one of the season. What happened?

yumi_cheeseman: Look, they just got picked up by a massive organisation, an org that I know Torsos, Kami and ZeN were super excited to be a part of because they love following Renegades in CS:GO, and yet in their first major performance under the banner they suffer a loss. They are not gonna be happy with themselves. Sure Out of Order performed really well but Renegades also were shaky. It was good to see Zen being more confident in attacking this week after a very very non-substantial week 3 performance, but realistically we’re looking at Torsos and Kami to be really solid, to be stable, and they just weren’t today.

Jake: This week was very strange, I don’t really understand what happened for the Renegades guys. They completely lost all their passing options and seemed to be just hitting the ball forward. In defence there were so many uncharacteristic mistakes especially from Torsos, I’ve never seen him miss so many balls in a match, honestly across the whole series, it was ridiculous today.

Wolfey: I think right now Renegades are definitely gonna be feeling low but this isn’t uncharacteristic of them, they are known for playing some very fantastic rocket league then having one week which is very shaky. I think its okay to have this week as that one because they’re gonna bring it back next week and they are gonna be playing in fine form for the finals. I believe we’ll see some great Rocket League from them to end out this season.

yumi_cheeseman: Funny thing is last week was pretty weak form as well and I think that’s just gonna be the case when you have a new player like ZeN, it’s not like bringing Kami who is already very experienced, ZeN is where they need to speed up.

STATS CHECK: Renegades had 16.67% shot percentage, averaged 0.67 goals, 4 shots, 0.67 assists and 4.67 saves per game. Renegades are tying second with 1NE on game differential (7), second for game win percentage (71%) and goal differential (22).


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