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Voices of RLOM – Week 5 Discussion

Welcome to the Voices of RLOM where each week we sit down with the desk talent of the Gfinity Rocket League Oceanic Masters and get their perspective on how the series is progressing.

Last Sunday was the end of League Play with equally exciting and heartbreaking matches as we said goodbye to four our teams.  So what did our desk talent, James ‘JimNeso’ Cowan, Alex ‘Wolfey’ Foldi and David ‘yumi_cheeseman’ Lane think of each match, the final standings and their expectations going into next week’s Finals!

So ICON came into the last week of League Play in first place position knowing they were in the finals but looking to confirm that top seed position. They also where in a spot to potentially influence the outcome of the 3rd and 4th place standings. What’s your thoughts on how they performed and what it may mean going into finals week?

JimNeso: ICON were a little  disappointing this week. They weren’t playing their best, we’ve seen them play much better in previous weeks. It feels as though they’re saving something for the finals where we want to see much faster plays coming out again. It felt as though they took their foot off the gas particularly against 1NE in some of those games but come finals time they need to step up, they’re vying for that top 2 position and upsets do happen. They need to lock it down.

yumi_cheeseman: ICON were just making mistakes, I mean we’ve seen CJCJ be really consistent throughout the season, like really consistent, even when the chips were down he’d end up being the guy that comes out looking strong. Today, however, it was really only Express being that consistent player and that really hurts ICON. I don’t think they’re saving strats, you don’t do that in Rocket League, it’s more that they just had a bad day and hopefully for them come finals day they’re back on form.

Wolfey: ICON will be disappointed with their results but they don’t need to be, and can still go in with their heads high next week because that’s where it really counts. Today mattered for seeding, and obviously for their confidence, but going into next week they need to hit the reset button, forget past results and focus on what matters – that top 2 spot!

yumi_cheeseman: It really did matter today because they’ve certainly struggled against Out of Order (who have made top 4) in the past, they had to reverse sweep them with a game 5 overtime in week 1. So it could be a tough finals for them having to verse a hot Out of Order straight out the gate.

STATS CHECK: ICON were third in the league for goals scored (63) and second in shots taken (214). Shadey came second for shots taken p/g (3.36).

1NE Esports had just a single match in the final week of League Play that was all about seeding and testing themselves against one of their final opponents. How did they fare and can we expect an upset from them in the finals?

JimNeso: 1NE snuck themselves into the top 4 as well, quite convincingly in the end with Justice’s disappointing finish to the season. 1NE were unexpected for me in how well they’ve grown over the course of the season, they’ve been quite consistent. They’re a team that plays a very patient game style but it will be a different kettle of fish next week with their experience truly getting tested. They don’t have a lot of experience under pressure in their court whereas the opposition do, so it’s a very tough ask for them to bring it next week. I think we saw enough out of them today that suggests they can be competitive but they’ve gotta put it up over the course of a best-of-seven against one of the best teams in the region, I don’t know if they’re gonna be able to pull that off.

yumi_cheeseman: See I think 1NE had a way better start of the season, they played well and then the last two weeks just didn’t feel amazing from them. Obviously today you can’t put much up against ICON so even though they didn’t play amazingly they have room to review and improve, they could potentially take down ICON if they end up matching up against each other. In terms of their playoffs, I spoke to delusion this week about coming in with no real expectations, they’ve got two brand new players but delusion has made it into the top 4 three seasons in a row with three different teams. He has proven that he is truly a top 4 worthy player but he has struggled to get the overall results in past so they’re coming in with low expectations. That actually might help them out as they’re not gonna to have the same sense of pressure or be upset if they lose their first match. On the other hand that might also mean that if they do get ahead in one of their series, and the pressure intensifies, they won’t be ready for it and may break.

Wolfey: My opinion is that  1NE is going to have a hard time in the finals. They played well enough to allow them into the top 4 but for them it’s about proving they can take it to ICON and Renegades, I don’t feel confident they can.

STATS CHECK: 1NE Esports came third in the league for assists (50), second in saves (126) and first in shot percentage (38.46%).

Frenzyy came second in the league for score p/g (426.04), Frenzyy and delusion finished in top 5 of the league for saves p/g (1.96 & 1.6 respectively). Change and delusion finished first & third in shot percentage (45% and 37.50% respectively)

What a performance comeback for Renegades this week after losing to Out of Order 0 – 3 in week four! It was like a switch had been flipped and suddenly they look unstoppable. This has got to be a good sign leading into the finals, what’s your thoughts?

JimNeso: Renegades sent out a message today, with the way that they played from start to finish was a signal of their intent coming into the finals. You always wanna make sure that you’re coming into the finals with as much confidence as possible and they certainly put it all out on the pitch this week.  I think it was really good to see Torsos stepping up and playing at the level we know he’s capable of. It was  interesting to me to ZeN was super confident as well today, he really stood up under pressure and that bodes well for Renegades heading into the finals.

yumi_cheeseman: Yeah we had tonnes of questions around ZeN coming into this, the pressure that he feels, the nerves that he sometimes gets. Well he showed up today, he played as aggressively as he could. I don’t think that Torsos had a great day as such or at least against ICON he was so uninvolved but that’s great right? That they can still win without Torsos who has played immaculately all season long with maybe some exception against Out of Order, though hard to put that against him because it can be difficult to play in a team where people aren’t playing their best.  Torsos has had an incredible season, he didn’t have to perform today but then when it came to Justice Esports he stepped into overdrive

Wolfey: If we’re talking about someone who is over performing, ZeN played out of his mind today against ICON.  He really came into the fold within the Renegades lineup and he really showed all of Oceania why he deserves to be on that roster. Clearly this week showcased why him and renegades are sitting at the top of the ladder.

STATS CHECK: Renegades came second in the league for goals scored (74), second in assists (62), third in shots taken (209) and second in shot percentage (35.41%)

Torsos lead the league in goals scored p/g (1.35), second in score p/g (448.35) and came second in shot percentage (43.06%). Kamii came second  in the league for goals scored p/g (1.04) and third in shots taken p/g (3.17).

All three players, ZeN, Kamii and Torsos came second, fourth and fifth in the league for assists p/g (1.09, 0.83 & 0.78 respectively).

This was would’ve been a heartbreaking day for Justice Esports who have held in the top 4 all the way through the season to only fall short at the last hurdle. Definitely a team with a lot of potential, what happened today?

JimNeso: Justice Esports for me was very disappointing today, I think they had a lot of pressure on their shoulders to perform and they’re still a team that lacks a lot of experience.  Just remember, it’s only their second season and while they miss out on finals this time and they’ll be better for the experience for sure. I think they will need to go back to the drawing board, Misty has been fantastic for them. I expected maybe a little bit more this week out of yeatzy than say SSteve.  SSteve performed when he needed to but still very quiet. There’s great potential in Justice, they just didn’t stand up when the pressure required them to.

yumi_cheeseman: Unfortunately this is the second time in a row Justice have come out fifth in league play for a RLCS OCE quals, but I personally wasn’t sold they were ever going to be in the top 4. Their reverse sweep over 1NE earlier in the season wasn’t a clean performance and that was their best performance of league play. It felt like yeatzy just couldn’t rise to the challenge, he had a great performance in week 2 or week 3 where he really stepped up but we didn’t see that consistency from him through the season.

Wolfey: It is definitely disappointing for Justice Esports but we did expect the third,  fourth and fifth standings to be in close contention so I’m not surprised that it was Justice that ended up outside of it. They still  have a long way to go as a team but if they stick together, improve over the coming month I do think they could be sitting comfortably in third position behind Renegades and Icon. For now they just need to keep their chins up because they are great individual players and they can take this as a learning for future improvement.

STATS CHECK: Justice Esports came fourth in the league for saves (95) and fourth for shots (203). Yeatzy came fourth across league play for saves p/g (1.65).

Out of Order in name not in a game play, what a great week from these three and they’ve locked themselves into the finals! After a strong week 4, this rolling confidence and level of gameplay we see from them – can it carry on to challenge the top two in the finals?

JimNeso: Out of Order were very very convincing today, probably the most convincing we’ve seen them all season. Off the back of their win last week against Renegades as well, confidence is riding so high. It’s good to see Deckaa and Siki combining well along with julz putting in big performances. Going into the finals the question is going to be whether or not they can maintain their composure. They’ve got ICON up first and if they can control themselves in the big moments I think they are a real threat for taking the match off ICON, especially if ICON come in at a similar level as they did today.

yumi_cheeseman: Renegades are going to be kicking themselves that they didn’t 3-0 Out of Order last week but I still don’t know if that would’ve stopped them from being in the top 4 considering they got a 6-0 result. Out of Order found their mojo in week 4, they’ve got all 3 members of the team performing, At the start of the season we would see a good shot from Deckaa and be like ‘I hope he can put in more’, well now he’s sinking all of those shots with julz getting up, being speedy around the pitch, turning faster. There’s just a lot of growth from the team in terms of their mental game over the course of the season, finding their hype, finding the way to keep their heads up and that’s also great for Deckaa who I know gets very tilted. My question is, what happens if they start losing in their first match of the finals against ICON? Can they recover from that?

Wolfey: I think Out of Order ended up in the spot that we initially predicted them to be at the start of the entire season.  We said that they were the team that was supposed to come third and the way that they played in this last week, they deserve it. Previous weeks it did look a bit shakey, they really looked like they were gonna be sitting in fifth or sixth spot so good on them for getting themselves together and into the position they are right now. I am interested to see how they handle it mentally going into the finals week though.

JimNeso: Just going back to that point you raised about them being third as we predicted.  They’re actually  more dangerous now as when we predicted it they were not in the same great form we see coming out from them now, they really are ones the top 2 need to watch out for.

STATS CHECK: Out of Order lead the league in goals scored (75), assists (67), shots taken (243) and came third in shot percentage (30.86%)

Siki lead the league for total score p/g (454.81) and shots taken p/g (3.54), while coming in second for goals scored p/g (1.12) and third in the league for assists p/g (0.85). Julz lead the league in assists p/g (1.15)

It’s been an uneventful season for Emprox with the team sitting at the bottom of the ladder. Was it just too soon for the lineup to be at this level?

JimNeso: Emprox definitely had a really rough season and to be honest I didn’t see a lot of improvement from week one through to five.  They had some really tough matches in the opening weeks as you do when you’re coming in to league play as a team that only just got through the qualifiers but they didn’t take their opportunity to take hard learnings out of playing quality opposition. If they weren’t scrimming and if they weren’t putting in the practice time then I think that’s a chance for them gone begging. They’ve got some good playing prospects, they’re certainly good players individually but as a team they just didn’t put it all together.

yumi_cheeseman: I’m gonna be brutally honest, I dislike Emprox. I dislike the fact that they’re a team that came in qualified and then decided to cruise through the competition without putting in the hard work because there’s teams outside of the top 8 who have put in work every single day and would’ve taken full advantage of this opportunity.  That’s not to discredit them individually but if can’t get all members of your team to show up to scrims, if you cannot practice together as a professional team you have to go back to the drawing board and consider replacing people.  I don’t expect them to continue as a team together, what I do expect is for either Spydoge and/or Le Duck to continue on with a new lineup, put in the work, come back next season and have a much bigger performance.

Wolfey: Look I agree with you that it wouldn’t be a surprise if they ended up breaking up. I think that as a team obviously they are good enough to compete at the highest level as they did qualify, but they just need to find the right balance within the lineup. I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up breaking up but we see some of those individual players in future seasons. It would be good to see them continue on in some form as there is potential there that shouldn’t go to waste just because this season didn’t come together.

STATS CHECK: Emprox came third in the league for saves (111).

Team EDGE put on a fun match to sign off their League Play journey and while there hasn’t been great results in terms of match victory, every week the desk comments on the continued development of the line-up, especially around Riv. Will we see them back here again in the future?

JimNeso: For me EDGE was bit of an enigma coming into the season but it’s good to see that they were focused on the long game. Riv has developed quite nicely, I would like to see him definitely go on and continue to play at a high level though whether that’s with this lineup I’m not sure. I think hes quite a fast player and his individual skill is certainly strong but we have to give credit to Bango and Addzey have done a good job in guiding him to this state. They are a slower team to come together and that’s certainly shown in some of the bigger games but if they’ve keep that long term focus in mind with this season being about building, establishing themselves and getting used to level the pressure that comes with the competition, there’s definitely a future ahead for the team.

yumi_cheeseman: The funny thing with EDGE is they’re actually a top 3 team in terms of speed around the pitch. Like they’re dead even with ICON and Renegades which is obviously a great sign and means they’re staying supersonic but they’re just not trusting each other.  There’s touches they’re not following with each other up well and, I feel he would agree with me, Addzey’s been a liability throughout the season.  Even last week where we showcased some of this best plays, during those same matches, he also had some of his worst plays where he was letting balls in the net, missing the ball, or just not getting involved at all. He’s struggled but I’m not going to the extreme of saying they might drop Addzey because  as a team they should stick together, there’s a lot of great work there.  I just want to see Addzey put in the time to refresh his play and turn around his abilities on the pitch because if that happens I think they really could start pushing for top 4 position, there’s that level of potential there.

Wolfey: I am honestly surprised at how well EDGE did, I thought that they would be a lot lower on the scoreboard so props to them for that. It’s because they did develop as a team over the course of the entire season and I think that they’ve done well to change from three good individual players to three good teammates. They’ve transitioned from those individual plays towards teamwork being the focus which will work out much better for them in the long run for them so congrats. I think even though they did end up outside the top 4 that if they keep at it they’ll be up there in future seasons.

STATS CHECK: EDGE came fifth in the league for shots taken (198) and shot percentage (27.78%). Bango came fifth in the league for shots taken (75).

Team Esper had a few individual glorious moments during league play and we’ve all seen the potential there. What’s the next steps?

JimNeso: I actually thought Team Esper may have done a little bit better this season, I certainly thought they would have been higher up the leaderboard but in the end they showed flashes of the really nice, silky team play that they’re capable of. Outlast when he takes the ball up field by himself it really provides chances for Cobbo and Daisu but it just wasn’t falling into place often enough. I feel they did suffer a little bit from nerves and emotion getting in the way of them being a more consistent competitive team but if they stick together in future seasons I can see them doing some damage. It really is just a question of whether or not they can get themselves in check.

yumi_cheeseman: Yeah I think in check is the right term. They’ve got the organisation Team Esper behind them, I know Focusrite loves the players, he really supports them, and if he can get them a really solid coach to help them out that might be their way to better results. They’ve all got tonnes of potential but they’ve struggled to close it out in these series and that’s been their major problem.  They could’ve been way ahead of where they ended up, they could’ve been still in contention in the final week but each individual player has their own faults with Daisu running back to net, Cobbo being nervous in his role and even Outlast being really inconsistent on the pitch.  I think that you get rid of some of those flaws, get the confident going and they become a really good team.

Wolfey: Team Esper definitely needed Cobbo throughout the whole season and unlike what I was  talking about with Edge, where they kind of improved over the course of the season, I found with Esper they didn’t improve as much as expected. They aren’t necessarily plateauing but they’re not able to keep up with the faster teams in the competition and they fell apart because of that, with them passing it off towards their opposition rather than going for team plays. It would take some work but I believe that if they stuck with their roster and managed to perfect their team play in the off-season we could really have a great team possibly be sitting at fourth or third position in the next RLOM.

STATS CHECK: Team Esper lead the league in saves (147). Cobbo and Daisu finished first and third in the league in saves p/g (2.22 & 1.93 respectively)

A Final Word on League Play

yumi_cheeseman: A final note is that basically any team next season can hit that fourth place. Oceania is wide open where in four months a team can go from being nobody to one of the best, it just takes putting in the work.

JimNeso: I would certainly agree I think the overall season notes were that whilst all teams improved, some improved at a rate faster than others and the field is open going into next qualifiers.

Wolfey: We ended up with the 4 teams that we were kind of expecting. Obviously fourth position was a contention but our finalists all got there in the end and through some ridiculous circumstances as well.

yumi_cheeseman: And that’s the magic of league play!


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